Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A new Goddess Poem


The celestial ziggurat beckons
as day comes to a close,

my home eternal and yet

I am forbidden to return.

Bound in hatred, caught in hubris'


Against a sister's rancor

forced to defend, she who

once graced the sky now in

death's cold grasp forever held.

The light…

So bright…

The pain of breath…

It burns.


I've returned.

Not even the shroud of mortal life
could eclipse my burning star.

I am power.

I am truth.



I am Inanna

And in death, resurrected

Am brighter than before.

©2011 JLM

Monday, September 19, 2011

New Poetry


Where I walk
so follows night,
where I step
darkness heeds my call.
Fear me not
for it is I
who am mother
to the light.

Born of Chaos,
mother to the world.
I am the Shadow's lover
and Dawn is my child dear.
Let the eventide's fall
embrace you as my cloak
sets the sky aflame.  

©2011 ~ JLM 

Owl Dance

The milk white feathers
illuminate the night as
wings of silver cross
from birch to oak,
with tawny eyes flashing
against the ebony sky.

The chilling shriek
preempts the hunter's dive.
The elegant grace of a dancer,
the intellect of a goddess ,
and ivory flesh that carries
her heart on its sleeve.

This lovely creature is the owl,
Athena's precious child
Whose dancing flight
Ignites the passions of Gaia's Mind.

©2011 ~ JLM 

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Myths and Legends

Currently in a mythological mood, so here's the fruit of my labors ;) :


No man shall walk
where my house 
I keep. My island
will be held by
none but me.
I am the mistress
of all you see,
Mistress of men
and Lady of Beasts.

I call all travelers 
to my realm, 
whether their 
exodus I allow
only time will tell.

I cast my spells
And their true
nature is revealed…
Will they be a hero?
Or a pig?
Only the Fates 
and I shall ever tell.

©2011  JLM

Friday, May 20, 2011

In honor of Salem

Bridget Bishop

bent to the will of Hell itself
or so the story goes.
To those who knew me I was
little more than a victim 
of my own vices, corrupted
beyond their Saviour's sway,
and so I was judged 
without a friendly 
word breathed my way.

Innocence, guilt, words
carelessly flung from 
the mouths of babes who
are now granted the power
to seal my fate.

No memory lingers of my Tavern,
with gentle ales filled nor
of my orchard's fine apples
from where the sweetest cider 

No one remembers the warmth 
of my arms whence from a
cold lover's they strayed.
No one cries for the loss of
my shoulder upon which  
so many tears were dried.

And ladies, how soon my aide
you repent when from my herbal
concoctions was gained
your own husband's
faith in bed.

I am lost from the world of men,
lost because I showed myself to 
be proud, unafraid of defiance,
and by societal whims unchained.

Never has a woman suffered
so cruel a loss of self, 
than an innocent whose life
is forfeit to satisfy 
the conceit of Man.

©2011 ~LupaLuna JLM

Monday, May 2, 2011

A mythological mood continues ;)


Softest woodland green
set against the flashing
eyes of a wise dryad
who too long has
known the world's weighty

Her soft skin contrasted
against the rough bark
that she calls home
seems so disparate 'til
you look into those verdant
eyes or smell the heady forest 
musk from her tresses.

No less strange a marriage
of minds than between a satyr gruff
and his nymph soft and wild.
Fear not for the gentle dryad 
who strays from her tree
as it is the satyr who will find
himself in captivity, lest he forget
within her petals a few thorns bloom
as well.

©2011 JLM aka LupaLuna